"Abriosis" is a Progressive Death Metal band hailing from Vancouver,British Columbia. The band was formed by Taylor Lipton  in 2007 to pursue live performance of demos he had recorded on the side of playing with numerous metal acts.  Chris Mathis was the second member to join,followed by Dan Maidana to help record a self-titled ,self funded professional e.p. with Jason Martin at Omega Media Studios in Richmond,British Columbia. The main goal of the e.p. was to intice potential drummers,and have a physical product to sell alongside the rest of their self funded merchandise including T-Shirts,stickers,CD's Cassette Tapes.

      Shortly after recording the e.p. Robin Iwasiw joined "Abriosis" on drums. After playing only one local show they ventured on their first west coast (British Columbia/Alberta) tour.  Followed in 2009 by their first Cross Canada (British Columbia/Nova Scotia) tour.  Both were organized and paid for by Abriosis.  

       In late 2009 Abriosis parted ways with vocalist Chris Mathis and bass player Dan Maidana, but soon adopted new vocalist Kris McDermott and Ryan McDonnell on bass. In summer 2010 ,Abriosis executed another west coast(British Columbia/Alberta) tour before going back  into the studio with Jason Martin of Omega Studios, to begin work on their new full-length album "Tattered And Bound".

        "Tattered And Bound" was completed and released in April 2011.  It was uploaded free online and promoted for "FREE" download. Shortly after a music video was filmed and produced by James Jardine of the "Art Institute Vancouver" for the song "As The Shepherd Spites". As with everything else with Abriosis, the album and music video were completely self funded while working full-time day jobs and shift work, in anticipation of promoting and giving copies away for free as promotion on their next up coming Cross Canada(British Columbia/Nova Scotia) tour. 

        Just before embarking on tour, Abriosis used their social media resources including facebook,myspace,reverbnation,blogs,twitter,and there homepage to reach out to fans and promote.  Contests were promoted to let "Abriosis" fans name their tour which ultimately was named "Canadian Rapture Tour".  They later hired the publicist (Eric of canadian metal band "DERELICT") to promote the tour with street teams, radio interviews, and to really push Abriosis music videos and self made video blog updates/promo material.               

       Late 2011 , the band left vocalist Kris and adopted Alxs Ness(Formerly of "Without Mercy") in his position. They are set to record a new E.P. this summer titiled "VESSEL" and you may be able to catch them on their upcoming august tour.  Abriosis has more drive and has accomplished more than many bands in a short amount of time while sacrificing all free time to dedicate full undivided attention to the main goal of creating the most original,and entertaining music/live show that they are capable of. They will continue to pave a path through Canada and the world.